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Welcome to the Manchester Water Works section of the FOMBA website. This area will be used for important messages and information from our friends at MWW. Please check back often for the latest news.

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PUBLIC NOTICE: Mountain Bikers

Trails marked with FOMBA Trailhead Signs and fire roads are open for bikes unless otherwise marked. All other single track trails are off limits to bikes. Yellow Posted Signs will mark the OFF LIMIT areas as No Trespassing. Violators will be prosecuted. RSA 635:2 Criminal Trespass.

Map of Posted Single Track*

Thank you for your cooperation in these matters and please continue to enjoy the areas that are open for your enjoyment.

— Manchester Water Works.

Red Pine Logging

The Manchester Water Works will begin removal of red pine plantations on the Massabesic Watershed Properties in the winter of 2015. Red Pine Scale is an exotic insect that was first detected in Bear Brook State Park in 2012. Many other outbreaks of infestations have caused swift decline and mortality in plantations in Merrimack and Rockingham Counties.

Red Pine Scale outbreaks were first detected in NY and NJ in the 1950's and 1960's and have slowly crept north virtually eliminating red pine in RI and CT. Over the past decade it has covered most of MA. Early signs of infestation include bright "flagging" of the lower branches followed by a swift decline of the entire crown and eventual stand wide mortality.

The Manchester Water Works has over 50 red pine plantations totally over 400 acres. There are no known effective controls for plantations. Infected sites experience complete mortality in as little as 3-5 years. Working with NH State Forest Health Specialists, the Water Works has developed a plan to slowly remove red pine plantations and release young saplings and seedlings in the understory to reforest the sites. The target is to remove 40 - 80 acres of red pine per year.

Any risk to water quality through widespread tree mortality, forest fire danger, and associated erosion is not acceptable to our mission for healthy forests and clean water on the Massabesic Watershed.

For additional information regarding red pine scale or if you have a red pine stand you suspect may be infested, contact Forest Health Specialist Kyle Lombard at (603) 464-3016.

For additional information regarding red pine harvesting at Manchester Water Works properties, contact Watershed Forester John O'Neil at (603) 496-5836.

Offical Red Pine Press Release*

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